Choosing the Best Hotel

the Best HotelFor example, high-end business hotels, which do most of their business during the work week, often drop their weekend rates just to fill rooms. Weekend leisure travelers might miss the best deal in town simply because they never considered staying at a business hotel.

Likewise, business-oriented hotels often have higher weekday rates than vacation properties just because they have on-site business centers and amenities such as in-room fax machines and work desks. But the proliferation of portable faxes, powerful laptop computers, and other digital-communication devices has diminished the need for these perks, so don’t pay a higher rate for amenities you won’t use. And since most business travelers use cell phones regardless of where they are staying, clients won’t know whether they’re calling you at the Plaza or the Quality Inn. (Your boss might appreciate the money-saving gesture, too.)

Be flexible when possible. All aspects of travel are based on supply and demand, so be aware of your destination’s peak season. If it’s from December through April and you’re coming at the end of


Tips on How to Find the Best Hotel Deals

Tips on How to Find the Best Hotel DealsLooking for a place on the beautiful Central coast small enough to offer stunning, uncrowded beaches and nature all around but big enough to offer a great choice of restaurants and cafes to spoil even the picky foodie, we chose Port Macquarie. With its wineries, beautiful unspoilt National Parks, forests and kilometres of almost private beaches you can try coastal walks, surfing, sail boarding, snorkelling, fishing, whale watching and also horse riding. It locates midway between Sydney and Brisbane just off the Pacific Highway on the NSW Mid North Coast, at the mouth of the Hasting River, Port Macquarie is the city of refreshment. It is known for its extensive beaches, beautiful waterways as well as many attractions in the town and surrounding areas.

We started exploring Port Macquarie accommodation deals, looking for a luxury 4 to 5 star hotel or a self contained apartment ideally with a free breakfast included we expected to have to pay a sizeable amount for our break only to be pleasantly surprised by


Tips to Get the Best Hotel

best hotelA Bit of Advice
It is better not to use certain facilities offered by the hotels. One of them is the telephone, while the other is the room service. These can add a hefty amount to your final bill.

If you are planning to go on a vacation or business trip any time soon, one of the most important things you will need to do, apart from booking your travel tickets, will be to look for a nice accommodation that can fit into your budget. The good news is that this is possible! Even if you are traveling with limited funds in hand, there is absolutely no need to stay in a cheap motel. You can also manage to find budget accommodations in good, business class hotels, where you can not only enjoy your stay, but also save a substantial amount of money, which can then be utilized for other things such as shopping and food. For this, all you need to do is to learn some clever tips and tricks that will help you get

Choosing a Beach Resort

A beach vacation provides for a relaxing and fun experience. It also presents a number of options for accommodation. Beach resorts and oceanfront hotels are the most popular types of lodging for beach vacations. A beach resort should be located near the coast, preferably along the seashore. Its main attraction to visitors will be the … Continue reading “Choosing a Beach Resort”

A beach vacation provides for a relaxing and fun experience. It also presents a number of options for accommodation. Beach resorts and oceanfront hotels are the most popular types of lodging for beach vacations.

A beach resort should be located near the coast, preferably along the seashore. Its main attraction to visitors will be the beach. Easy access to sand, sun, and surf make a profitable beach resort.

A beach resort may offer other facilities aside from beach access. Many resorts would usually feature a pool, activity courts, and other recreational centers. Others may even have a golf course on the grounds.

Resorts are places where you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Unfortunately, a beach vacation might become a nightmare with a terrible resort experience. Accommodations that are below par with dreadful service is sure to put a damper on your vacation. Choosing a beach resort that is comfortable and within your price range will never fail to make sure that your vacation is thoroughly enjoyable.

Do your research. Consult with travel agents and sites. Read the reviews of those who have previously stayed at the resort. Check the amenities provided and

Tips to Choose the Best Spa

Due to the modern-day fast paced lifestyle, most of the people suffer from stress and the consequences related to stress. Stress is one of the factors responsible for causing several life-threatening conditions like high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. Therefore, we are constantly looking for ways to get rid of stress. A visit to the spa is one such relaxation methods that is popular these days for getting rid of stress. Who wouldn’t enjoy a relaxing time spent alone or with the loved one at a spa, after a stressful day? It seems a perfect option; but, do consider a few things before heading for a spa.

Choosing the Best Spa

In simplest terms, a spa can be defined as a place where there is a bath with a mineral spring. Balneotherapy and hydrotherapy are the two methods used for treating diseases with the help of water. However, these days, a spa is usually a center where along with hydrotherapy, other beauty and health treatment are also available. You may not be aware but the use of aerated or mineral water for treating diseases dates back to prehistoric times. Today, spas have become a commonplace and are found in nearly

Panama City Beach and Hotels

In Panama City beach, days turn into an amusement park ride and lolling along long stretches of beach, thus two of the best pleasures of life come together in a single, large playground. A favorite spring and summer vacation spot for families, some of the Panama City beach attractions include a variety of parks that offer miniature golf, water entertainment, a maze, laser tag, paintball, batting cages, go-kart tracks, and rides for kids. Equal in variety and number are the water-sport activities that are on offer such as wave-running, kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving, fishing in the deep-sea, tours in glass-bottom boats, or whatever else you may envisage doing in the water. From a leisurely sailing trip on board a dinner cruise yacht or a pirate ship to a high-velocity powerboat ride, you’ll find them all to choose from at Panama City beach. Another special attraction of this beach resort, especially for divers, is the shipwrecks that date back to World War II.

Must See Attractions in Panama City Beach

Gulf World Marine Park
This popular marine attraction, designed as a landscaped tropical garden, conducts shows that feature talented displays by penguins, sea lions, dolphins, and many more. Competing with them

Choose the Right Hotel And Resort

The task of finding a hotel room in a strange new town is a daunting one, especially if a great many factors about your vacation or trip is important. For example when traveling to tourist towns there is a wide choice of hotels and resorts available, but how does someone figure out what is right for them? Do they need something convenient, private or family friendly? A great many things need consideration.

If it is a business trip where one will find themselves working almost the entire time, extras such as a gym or pool that is necessity, however Wi-Fi might be. Most hotels offer Wi-Fi service but it is worth checking on. If traveling with young children ensuring there is a lifeguard on duty might be worth checking into to make sure their safety and help parents be able to relax and enjoy themselves a bit more. Pay attention to amenities available in rooms and often hotels will offer cots so as many people can stay in a room as the hotel will allow.

If traveling out-of-town for a wedding or other special event it is worth checking into if the bride, groom or event

Green Hotels and Resorts

Hotel industry has a big responsibility in helping the cause of global warming and has responded by promoting the green hotel concept, which is fast gaining popularity with the travelling public. In most countries, the town planning authorities approve a hotel building plan for a new hotel, only if it complies with eco friendly design standards. This will ensure that the hotels and resorts of the future will comply with prescribed environmental standards; the challenge is to ensure that the old hotel buildings adapt measures that will reduce their carbon footprint. The exercise is not only physical that one changes plants, machinery and equipments with more energy efficient ones, but it also means that people working in the hotels become an integral part of this process for its success.

Hotel and resort architects, interior decorators, systems consultants and others who form the core team for hotel development also have to have a thorough knowledge of the green concept. The building design and layout has to be energy efficient. Only sustainable materials to be specified to the extent possible and available which would allow emissions within permissible levels. Above all the team has to have a total commitment

Daytona Beach Hotels in Florida

Commercially Daytona is flourished and hospitality is actually an industry there, so accommodation in Daytona is just not a problem. You will definitely find a hotel, which is within your budget. There are hotels on shoestring budget where you’ll have to compromise a little on the cleanliness and there are full-fledged luxury hotels as well where you can certainly behave Prodigal. With the perfect weather and matching scenic beauty, you are sure to overlook these banal trivialities, still let me give you an overview of some hotels in Daytona.

Let’s start with the cheaper ones:
Conch House is definitely not one of the best hotels of Florida and there is only one reason for that which is that the hotel rooms are quite shabby and it is so because of lack of maintenance but if you want a tolerable place with more to spend on exploring the beaches, then this is the best option since it is a mile away from the center of the ocean. The lodging rent starts from $46.

700 N Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach
FL 32118

The Bermuda House is a hotel which would offer you friendly staff and all new renovated rooms. Do not let your

Best South Beach Hotels

South Beach, also known as SoBe, is the snazziest bit of Miami, Florida. This visibly vibrant slice of chic coastal region with its restaurants, which people go to be-seen-and-see, its ultra with-it shops, hip-and-happening nightclubs, and pastel-shaded buildings, has been drawing pleasure seekers for years. South Beach is about beautiful people, about celeb sightings, movie, TV, and fashion shoots, about the forever-youthful rollerblading in skimpy clothing and a general ambiance of fun and frolic.

So, pack your trendiest outfits and don your most frivolous attitude, and plan on lounging on beaches full of sun-worshipers taking in the sand and the surf. And after having your fill of the sunning and swimming, you could pander to your creative side by taking a tour along the Art Deco District. But, most of all, plan on spending your evenings at SoBe’s happening bars, because it’s when the sun goes down that things begin to heat up here.

And if you want to know about the South Beach hotels, here are a few that are as quirky and filled with attitude as South Beach itself.

The Tides
This outstanding Art Deco building, containing 12 stories, is evocative of a polished and glossy ocean liner, with

Choosing an All Inclusive Heritage Resort

What is an all-inclusive heritage resort?

They typically club all the activities while you are on a vacation like lodging, dining, fun and sports activities and even provide snacks in one package. If you want to explore a destination all by yourself, you may not enjoy an all-inclusive heritage resort. It is for those who want to just relax and chill out by engaging in activities provided by the resort. This can include outdoor trips as well.

Look for off season deals

You won’t get great deals during holidays. It is a known fact that prices are quite high during peak seasons. You may get up to 50 percent discount during off season.

Book as early as possible

It is better to book all-inclusive heritage resorts as early as possible. There are people who book resorts almost a year in advance. They look at the rates and book during the sale season, wasting no time.

Read the agreement thoroughly

Look for extra charges as well as hidden charges. And to get to know all these details, you must read the fine print thoroughly. You must be aware whether they are charging

Best Hotels in the World

  •  Castello di Casole, Italy

If you want to feel like a royalty, it is a great idea to stay in Castello di Casole. This luxury hotel is a restored Italian castle located in Tuscany, Italy. It is a great venue for parties and weddings with more than 40 suites that accommodate the unique style and tastes of the guests. This hotel is located in a 4,200-acre estate. It has various facilities including infinity edge pools, fitness centre and spa, but luxury comes with a price. You’d have to pay at least $1,115 a night to stay in this hotel. It is definitely one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

  •  Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace

This hotel is located at the end of the famous Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary. This hotel offers a panoramic view of various tourist spots in Budapest and the enchanting Danube River. The hotel has an elegant facade and classic interior. It has luxury rooms and top-notch amenities such as a spa, fitness centre and swimming pools. Rooms cost at least $457 a night.

  •  The Langham Chicago

The Langham Chicago was designed by Mies van der Rohe.

Hotel Service Suiting Your Needs

The hotel industry is a profitable business. A huge amount of revenue is generated through this industry. There are various kinds of hotels available, namely; luxury, heritage and cheap hotels. People travel for a various reasons. Some travel for holiday purpose, for business tours, and so on. Hotel accommodation is available for everyone. Depending on the affordability and type of accommodation that you want, you can choose a hotel. A visitor can look forward to excellent hotel service in India.

Luxurious hotels can make your stay more enjoyable. You can choose from a range of luxury hotels. You can look forward to excellent service, comfortable stay. They will be more than a place to stay. The hotel service is excellent. The hotels are committed to make your stay more enjoyable and pleasant. A visitor can look forward to a pleasant stay in any of the hotels in India. While choosing hotels, you must keep in mind certain things:

o Ensure the hotels are known for their excellent services and are renowned.

o Approach travel guides who can guide you to get best stay at hotels.

o If on the lookout for cheap hotels,

Floating Hotels in the World

Unbelievably Amazing!
Qatar has hired Sigge Architects, based in Finland, to design an outstanding floating hotel for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which will focus on the concept of space-saving in addition to customized exterior architecture.

Floating hotels are a viable option when land is unavailable. Such hotels are not constructed on solid ground, that is to say, they are designed to be positioned on water, through appropriate means of construction underneath so that the building stands in place. Such hotels and cabins are quite common in coastal areas and places with myriad water bodies.

With rising competition, it has become a challenge for hotels to offer the best architecture, views, and services. There are some amazing floating hotels in the world; while some are constructed with extravagant charm, there are others that impress with their simplicity and breathtaking location.

Some of the most beautiful, yet simple, water cabins are located in Varadero, Cuba, and the beautiful islands of the Maldives. The list below presents some of the best floating hotels in the world.

Top Ten Beautiful Floating Hotels

King Pacific Lodge

Image Source: King Pacific Lodge

The King Pacific Lodge is located in British Columbia, Canada, and is a brilliant sight to

Tips For Hotel Hunting

Looking for the best hotel near Chicago? You can definitely find everything in one place and you guessed it right – the Internet. Since the coming of the world wide web, the ways of searching for a certain product or service have changed a lot. And that includes searching for the best hotels to stay in Chicago or even searching for updated Chicago hotel reviews. With just one click of the mouse you can have the information you need. You do not have to go out, drive around the town or spend minutes on the telephone in search of the perfect hotel to stay.

These days, searching can only mean staying in your comfortable room or in your office and letting your mouse do the dirty work. Information can then be right in front of you in minutes. Chicago is a big city and there are many reasons to visit it, indeed. However, choosing the perfect place to stay should not be overlooked or taken for granted. This is one common mistake some travelers commit. They go to a place without first making reservations at a hotel. Thus, they end up with a ruined vacation with sleepless

Beach Hotel in Bali

Blessed with natural bounteousness, Bali- a nature’s paradise is dream destination for several romantic hearts. Bali beaches are excellent places to soak your body in the natural beauty and to indulge in the varied water sports activities. Stretch yourself along the sandy beaches or visit the century old temples and the shrines. Explore all these and a lot more during your stay in the Bali Beach Hotels.

There are several beaches in Bali that offer numerous accommodation options. The Sansur Beach, one of the most popular beaches is an excellent site to watch the sun rise. There are many luxurious resorts and hotels along the entire stretch of white sand. The Inna Grand Bali Beach is a renowned 5-star hotel. The Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel is a nice place to experience the traditional hospitality of the land. Some other resorts and hotels that are nestled in this area are La Taverna Bali Hotel, Mercure Resort Sanur Bali, the Parigata Spa Villas and others. Situated under the cool shade of the palm trees, these hotels and resorts offer excellent range of facilities.

The Bali Beach hotels of the Kuta and the Legian area are also excellent. The

Tips Choose Hotel Travel

Staying in a hotel is great. Who doesn’t love the luxury of knowing you can make a mess and someone else will clean it up, make your bed, pick up your towels, etc. Great fun! Here are 10 vacation planning and hotel travel tips to make the most of your next hotel visit.

1. When choosing your hotel, be sure to check how far away it is from such places as the beach, shops, and the areas you plan to explore. Sometimes you will find misleading phrases such as “near the beach” or “within walking distance of shops and restaurants.”

2. I like to pick a hotel that has a nice restaurant attached or as part of the hotel itself. They are usually open pretty early and stay open fairly late so that if you happen to get in late from your day, you can grab a coffee or a bite to eat. The ones that are open 24 hours are the best! If you are staying at one of the hotel resorts in Vegas, all the big ones have a 24-hour restaurant. I love that!

3. Go online and check for reviews of the

Best Hotel in Bali

Bali which is a hidden treasure of Indonesia is a paradise for all romantics. Explore the unspoilt landscape and soak yourself in the vibrant culture of the land. The exotic location, the pleasant weather and the natural beauty of the Bali makes it one of the best places on earth. Shopping in Bali is also a pleasure for all. Tourists from all corners of the world come to this island for its never ending appeal. Bali in Indonesia is dotted with a number of hotels. Some of the best Bali Hotels includes luxurious as well as pocket friendly hotels. Ensure a wonderful stay by availing one of the best Bali Hotels.

The Best Bali hotels make sure that the guests enjoy the best stay in this place. These include a number of luxury hotels like the Oberoi, Four Seasons, Grand Hyatt, Ritz Carlton and others. Grand Hyatt is a 5-star hotel which is known for its tranquil ambiance and serene village life. Marvel at the beauty of the natural surrounding and avail the wide range of facilities that are provided exclusively to the guests.

Inter Continental Bali Resort which spreads across 35 acres of pristine landscape

Luxurious Hotel Brands In The World

Luxury hotels are renowned for providing utmost comfort and care to their customers. These facilities boast of such varied amenities that are not easily available with small motels and lodgings. From chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royces to personal butlers to the usual 24-hour fitness centers, swimming pools, and Wi-Fi. These hotels not only provide them but pride themselves on being the best in the business.

With global travel and tourism at an all time high, the luxury accommodation options are also at an all time high. Yet, only a select few stand the test of time to provide an experience that feels just like home. Given below are a compilation of the best luxury hotel brands around the world.

Most Popular Hotel Brands in the World

Aman Resorts

Aman Resorts was founded by Adrian Zecha in 1988 and was the first to play with the concept of boutique hotels. He created the first resort in Phuket with only 500 rooms and 40 villas. Now, it has a presence in almost 20 countries by offering plush villas, bungalows with private pools and outdoor lounging areas. The most striking feature is that there’s no room service or even a reception desk, but 4 staff members are allocated

Resort Casual Wear for Women

Clean, cool, sophisticated, elegant effortless. These are some of the words that a resort casual attire should embody. Resort wear, in its essence, is the clothing that you would wear to a vacation or to a resort. It is a notch above your regular casual wear and it is miles away from the tailored business wear. Imagine you are traveling first class to an exotic island or are going to lounge around in your own private yacht. What would you wear in such a scenario? Yes, you got it right… it is resort wear. It’s not individual clothing that makes resort casual wear into the fashionable wear that it is. It is more about how you layer clothing, mix and match different clothing items and accessorize it to attain an air of effortless chic. From palazzo pants to maxi dresses, from blingy statement necklaces to tribal inspired earrings, here we will give you the low down of looking stylish in resort wear.

Resort Casual Attire for Women

Palazzo Pants
One of the best pieces of resort casual wear that no women can do without is a pair of sexy palazzo pants. Palazzo pants that are fitted at the waist and